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gerald durrell and family on corfu

Gerald Durrell at Villa Alexina 

The Durrell Family lived on Corfu in the 1930s, Gerald Durrell who was only ten at the time the Durrells arrived in Corfu. The young Gerry spent his childhood on this idyllic island calling it “home” and “paradise”.  The young Gerry could not speak Greek, therefore he did not go to school, instead he had a series of private tutors.

Fortunately for Gerry, his brother Larry introduced one of his friends, the famous Theodore Stephanidis, to Gerry who became mentor.  This partnership of scholar and student resulted in a life long passion for Gerry in the natural world.  The countryside of Corfu was Gerry Durrell’s classroom, his all engrossing interest in wildlife is described in the trilogy which he wrote about his childhood in Corfu, the most famous being My Family and Other Animals.

Gerald Durrell at Jersey Zoo



Gerald Durrell went on to found the Jersey Zoological Park (1959).  He became a leading expert and activist in the breeding of animals in danger of extinction, both in Jersey and later in their natural habitat. Although Gerald died in 1995 after years of working with endangered animals - his work carried on and developed into the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. 

Villa Alexina is the centre for Gerald Durrell on Corfu and every year provides the location for the Gerald Durrell’s Corfu activity weeks.  Gerald’s widow, Lee Durrell and a team of experts on nature and conservation provide a week of discovery, mirroring the adventures Gerry experienced as a child in Corfu.



david bellamy at villa-alexia corfu  see amazing wildlife on corfu following in gerald durrell's footsteps 

Villa Alexina is typical of the type of villa rented by the Durrells in the 1930s. Villa Alexina was occupied by one of the Aristocratic families of Corfu for many years; great care has been taken to maintain a true Durrellian feel throughout the house and grounds, and provides a location which could be taken straight out of Gerry’s trilogy. The owners Dave and Alex were founder members of The Durrell School of Corfu, where David became Director and gave lectures and talks on the wildlife of Corfu.  Although The Durrell School is now closed, David still gives lectures and provides leadership in the Gerald Durrell week and is part of the educational team in Jersey.

my family and other animals gerald durrell  the garden of the gods gerald durrell  birds, beasts and relatives gerald durrell

So anyone who loves the writings in My Family and Other Animals, and wants to see the Corfu that Gerry called paradise, this is the place for you.

join us on durrell week at villa alexia, corfu join us on durrell week at villa alexia, corfu

Set away from the tourist areas, you can experience life similar to that experienced by the Durrells.  The owners are always happy to share their knowledge of the Durrells, as well as a great deal of local knowledge on how to get the best of your stay in paradise.

see amazing wildlife on corfu following in gerald durrell's footstepsIt is never too young for children to enjoy wildlife and learn how important it is!! At Villa Alexina you are living on the edge of a sleepy village; nature surrounds you and provides a playground for you and your children. Lizards live in the ancient walls, all sorts of birds and bats swoop above and come to rest or feed on the surrounding flora.  The track from the Villa will take you amongst the olive groves where the diligent visitor can find toads, tortoises, trapdoor spiders and if you are very quiet, harmless snakes draped in the trees.

A short drive will take you up into the mountains, peaceful and tranquil surrounding where you can enjoy nature first hand and enjoy lunch in the deserted village of Perithia where nature and simple tavernas merge together. Or explore the local caves and fascinating surroundings.  Gerald’s favourite beach - the beach of the white lilies is only five minutes away.


young gerald durrell on corfu




The owners will also offer you a ‘Day in the Life of Gerald Durrell’ which includes a tour of the places loved by the Durrells as well as the locations used in the three filmings of My Family and Other Animals.   It is advisable to request at the time of booking if you are interested in this opportunity.

Villa Alexina houses a comprehensive library which contains every book written by Gerald Durrell, together with related reference books.